Mascara Magic: Smudge-Proof Tips for Stunning Lashes

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Appropriately applying smudge-proof mascara tips will help keep the eye makeup looking stunning. Mascara makes the eyes look more dramatic and charming.

This is why mascara is such an important makeup item. Just like other makeup tools, if you don’t apply it properly, it has the potential to damage your appearance.

Mascara Magic Smudge-Proof Tips for Stunning Lashes

Smudge-Proof Mascara Tips for Beginners

Similar to eyebrows, applying eyelash makeup also plays an important role. This makeup tool will make eyelashes more beautiful and supple.

It’s just that not all women know how to use it correctly. Sometimes the results end up falling apart.

Have you experienced it until this moment? The following is a surefire tip that will help you be free from the problem of stains of smudge-proof mascara products.

Choose Waterproof Mascara

One of the most effective ways to avoid stains is to use waterproof mascara. This type of mascara is more durable and does not fade easily, especially when you are exposed to water or physical activity.

It’s just that, it took a little struggle to remove it. In smudge-proof mascara tips, it is important to have an appropriate makeup remover.

Use Eye Primer

Before applying mascara, the right smudge proof tips is to use an eye primer. This makeup item is in charge of preparing the eyelids so that they can receive all eye makeup and create a blemish-free eye area for a long time.

On the other hand, eye primers help create a smooth surface and make mascara stick more easily to eyelashes. This is also a step to eliminate messy eyelash makeup.

Avoid Clumping Mascara

Clumping mascara on eyelashes can increase the likelihood of blemishes. Usually, at the end of the mascara brush, there are still lumps of mascara left behind.

As a smudge-proof mascara tips, make sure you remove any remaining mascara that sticks to the mascara tool before applying it. You can also use clean wipes to remove any small clots that may form.

Don’t Rub Your Eyes

Rubbing your eyes hard can cause mascara to wear off faster. Avoid rubbing your eyes, especially if you feel itchy. Instead, try to pat your eyes gently if you need to relieve itching.

Use Waterproof Eyeliner

In addition to mascara, eyeliner can also be a cause of stains on the eyes. Choose waterproof eyeliner that suits your preferences, especially if using eyeliner around the eyes.

Use High-Quality Mascara

Smudge-proof mascara tips that are no less important is to consider applying high-quality mascara. Cheaper mascara products tend to fade more easily or not last long.

Although a little more expensive, but good-quality mascara lasts longer and gives better results. However, there is no need to also buy mascara which is fantastically priced.

Pay Attention to Your Eye Condition

If you have eyes that tend to be watery or oily, you may need to retouch mascara more often. As an eye makeup remover, please use a Q-Tip or cotton bud in a wet state.

Avoid Too Many Layers of Mascara

Piping up too many layers of mascara not only makes eyelashes look thicker but also increases the risk of blemishes. Try not to apply more than two or three layers of mascara.

The thing you have to remember is that mascara is not the same as lipstick or blush. If you re-apply, mascara has the potential to ruin the appearance. In addition, it will weigh down the eyelashes.

Are you ready to apply smudge-proof mascara tips like the review earlier? Avoid small mistakes that can damage eyelashes.