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Here Is Why Anime Viewers Are Wonderful

Your mother may have scolded you for watching too much TV like all mothers out there. And she is right about that. Spending too much time watching TV is not a good practice. However, many research studies have shown that watching good dramas and anime is actually good for your mind. In this article, we are going to talk about 8 reasons why people who watch anime are wonderful. Read on to find out more.

1. They have more Empathy

According to a research study, people who watch anime shows gained higher scores on a test that measured their social intelligence and empathy. Also, the results of the test showed that the viewers performed much better on the test. Basically, it measures their social intelligence.

2. They have Something new to talk about

Anime shows help people develop their communication skills. And we know it’s the way you communicate that makes you appear wonderful. The discussions in these TV series involve talks about different topics and situations. And all of this can help make you a better communicator.

3. They use Analogies for Effective Communication

Without analogies, it can be really hard for you to talk about what you want. In anime, you listen to a wide range of analogies in almost every episode. And this is what makes you a much better communicator in the real world.

We know that communication is all about how effectively you can get your message across. Without effective communication skills, you can’t get anywhere in real life. So, watching these animated films can help you improve your database of analogies.

4. They’re Open to new Perspectives

Since anime expose you to fresh ideas, you can challenge your thinking in more ways than one. You will learn to humanize people who don’t have the same beliefs and perspectives as you. Also, TV shows expose you to a lot of dangerous situations and put you in other people’s shoes.

This will help you learn how to react to these situations. And you may connect with characters that you have never connected with before. Each character will teach you something new and you will have a new perspective to learn from.

5. They Love Storytelling

If you happen to be a compulsive storyteller and you love being around those who have the same habit, you should watch your favorite anime, such as Dragon Ball. Basically, these dramas tell great stories in an effective manner. As a result, you develop your character in a much better way.

6. They Love Parties

If you love fun parties, you should watch your favorite anime. A good drama provides tons of opportunities to invite friends and have fun with them in the real world. So, you should invite your friends and engage in a party.

Long story short, these are just some of the reasons why you are wondering if you watch TV shows, such as anime on a regular basis. So, we suggest that you give a go to your favorite ones. This is of paramount importance if you are serious about getting better at what you do.