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It Was A Very Good Year?

What can be said about this past year? If anything can be said the status-quo has only continued. No authentic progress has been made to combat climate change, the scourge of violence has only continued, the rich have gotten richer while the masses continue to languish in desperation hoping things will change but never do. Yes, people 2019 not many of us can say it was a very good year.

As we ring in this new year humanity is at a critical juncture. A Presidential election is on the horizon. Many hopes and dreams hang in the balance. But, as we look back into each new year brings a sense of optimism only to be let down half way through. They say times are changing. Well, they are to a certain extent. For countless millions though it is just another year where nothing really changes. The probability that things will change in 2020 are not very good odds. For most the world over their days are filled with quiet drudgery in their struggle for survival. The sharp contrast of another day in paradise for some to the millions whose voices are never heard is staggering. Oh! sure we see their faces but too often they are just forgotten souls as we look the other way.

In thinking about this time of year the materialism of our society has blinded too many of us. The empathy and fellowship for all has been replaced. Replaced by the changing times that have pushed aside what Charles Dickens conveyed in “The Christmas Carol.” Gone are the attributes that made the Christmas season where that fellowship, compassion, and benevolence brought out the best of us.

Today, that spirit of the season has withered on that vine of so many lost opportunities that have arisen out of too many misplaced ideologies. And, as we have seen all through-out history in oligarchy rule that is existing today has only created a tempest of injustices that is spreading all across the globe. Where there are injustices we are seeing the travesties and tragedies that are playing out today. Just maybe when on looks back on the year 2020 they can say it was a very good year. Then again in my pessimistic view they probably will say it was just another year where the status-quo only continued the suffering of mankind. The choice is ours to make. And, I hope we can make 2020 that very good year.