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The Conservative View

The recent election in Great Britain showed the United States what many of us have known all along. The conservative view is well enforced and in play in both countries. It is obvious to one who has half a brain that conservative views equate to the trickle down view of the controlling oligarchy ruling class. Ever since Richard Nixon every President since has endorsed this misguided concept of the trickle down theorists. It is this conservative view that has only increased the wealth disparity gap to unprecedented proportions.

Since 1970 the wealth disparity gap has undermined the American way of life and destroyed the “American Dream” for millions of Americans. Yet, the voting public continues this delusion by voting Republican conservatism in practically every election. The three Democratic Presidents since the 1970’s though not so much endorsed republican conservatism did nothing to close the wealth gap and improve millions of American chances at obtaining that all elusive “American Dream.”

Now, we have 2 Democratic Presidential candidates that continue to draw massive public support but are being ostracized, ignored by the media and even their own Democratic party including their fellow members of Congress. It is the media and many members of Congress though who are indebted to Corporate Conglomerates. In England the conservative party that continues to rule is mainly financed by the Bank of England which by the way is sympathetic and tied to the Rothschild’s much like the Federal Reserve.

Today, one can see why the media and so many members of Congress are doing every thing possible in trying to sabotage these two Presidential candidates from ever getting the Democratic Nomination. The Progressive movement of FDR pulled this nation out of the Depression. and stimulated the economy to heights never before seen. Sadly though for over 50 years government policies have only entrenched the trickle down approach in dealing with the economy. As we are seeing today the trickle down theory only has entrenched the ruling class that has isolated itself from the rest of the nation. Preserving their status-quo is essential for them to keep a tight grip on their power, control and their wealth.

So when we have two progressive candidates winning massive support of the public that are viewed as a threat to their control over the nation and their wealth by the elites they will go out of their way to stop them form getting a hold of the reigns of power in government. Trickle down economics has never worked to restore the vitality, the health, and the economic growth of a nation. We see it in England and in the United States what the conservative view has and is doing to both countries. Restoring the Democratic way of governing is contrary to the conservative movement we are seeing in both nations today.

If the voting public continues to be delusional of what a conservative agenda is doing and has done to this country we would be wise to look back in history to grasp the knowledge of what many former Presidents have undertaken in using a progressive agenda. In every instance progressive platforms has always improved a nations ability to restore economic vitality for all. Today, we desperately need a progressive agenda that only these two Presidential candidates will bring for this country.