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The Failing Of America

In this political season where substance is non existent only words of self embellishment have come forth I can’t help wonder why the media and the general public aren’t asking concerning questions about what our elected officials in government have been and are currently doing in undermining American Democracy. One of the most significant questions that one really should be asking is why hasn’t there been a national outcry over our military involvement in the Mid-East especially Afghanistan like there was during the Viet Nam years? Are we that desensitized as a society to not voice our discontent and outright anger about the senseless loss of life and the billions of dollars wasted in years of fruitless meddling that only intensified global terrorism.

There is yet another sobering question that the public should be asking now with the Presidential election forthcoming. If we studied our own history with out government mandated curriculums you will find exactly how much corruption has been allowed to manifest this nation into a country ruled not by democracy as our founding fathers designed. For over 150 years we as a public have been deceived into believing our government serves the people but instead the United States of America is a corporation. A self serving bureaucracy. The shock and aw of what we find should be a national outcry. Yet, there has been a governmental cover up where our history has been altered to serve not the public’s knowledge but for the benefit of our government. When government does not disclose vital information of what our elected officials have actually done and purposely restricts information from curriculums no longer are we a free society but we have become instruments of a totalitarian state.

The time is now before we go to the polls this November to reeducated ourselves and demand as nation to restore the basic principles that our Founding Fathers set. For years our democratic process has become unrecognizable dominated by corporate interests and corporate cash. The obscene amount of money wasted on our political process has corrupted our whole society. And, it doesn’t help preserve our heritage when our own government purposely hides and eliminates certain truths in the mandated curriculums they set for public education.

Today, we are seeing direct results of what governmental curriculums have done. The educational standards of this nation have fallen drastically within the past 40 years. The erosion of educational standards coupled with a political process obsessed with monetary concerns where elections are bought and paid for are very ominous signs of how far we have drifted away from Democracy.

Until we as a nation recognize what the United States has become and hold accountable those in government to restore not only the moral compass that guided this nation of our founding but repeal those Acts that subverted the “Original Constitution” we will find ourselves trapped where our freedoms have all been corrupted.