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It seems that the trouble with politics is that they most often find a way not to govern. When Trump entered the White House I guess he never really knew how to govern and consequently so did other members of congress. The chaotic years since the government of the U.S. ceased to represent the public. The sad truth is that for the past 40 years the tight grip of monetary influence continued to overshadow their ability to serve the publics interests.

Today, we find the United States floundering in a sea of apathy, discontent and delusion that has divided this nation. The partisan politics of late has made it impossible to pull this nation together. Back in 1960 was the last time the United States had a plan of direction that unified this nation. And, for the past 60 years America has been floundering aimlessly with no specific agenda that would unite this much divided nation. Sure, there has been many scientific, technological, and medical break through’s, but, as a nation we have taken a step or two backward.

We have seen discord distention, and intolerance that has pulled this nation apart. So, now we enter 2020 a Presidential election year where the hopes and dreams of so many hang in the balance. One cannot help think that once again the existing power structure whose roots run so deep in our political process will once again assert their tight grip over a political system that serves not the publics interests but themselves.

It is obvious to this writer that the United States has to regain their stature as the leader in Global affairs. That leadership has been vacant for far too long. And, if we continue without a progressive agenda and adhere to the status-quo no matter if Trump has another four year term or not the rest of the world will pass us by. The sad truth today is that too many of us are beguiled and delusional by the rhetoric of not only the Republicans but many Democrats especially some Democratic presidential candidates.

With the New Year fast approaching where resolutions are made only to break them a week or two latter there is one resolution I for one would hope to see this nation keep. And, that is for millions of Americans whose quality of life has diminished because of years of disingenuous policies from our government find the courage to rise and realize it is their obligation and their Constitutional right to over through a self serving government. A government that has no intention of ushering progressive programs that would benefit all the people. On November 7th the choice is our to make. Do we fall for complacency or do we unite behind a definitive plan of direction that only two Presidential Candidates will bring for this nation?