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5 Healthcare – Related Issues To Consider!

Isn’t it, about time, our public officials, started to prioritize life, living, quality – of – life, and public health, and safety, instead of the many, petty, partisan issues, they seem to focus – on? Should we have a healthcare system, which is based – on, not only, what is referred to, as access to care, but, rather, to affordability, and availability, instead? Instead, too many politicians, tend to frame their discussions, on, politics, political rhetoric, and appealing to their core supporters (or, what they perceive, as so), perhaps, because it seems (to them), as being, the path of least resistance, etc! Although, many factors/ issues/ obstacles, etc, are related to this process, and how we deliver, and perceive of, healthcare, this article will, instead, attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 5 healthcare – related issues/ challenges/ obstacles/ options/ paths, to consider.

1. Maintain existing system/ mostly private: Some, state, our present system, is the way – forward, because, it is based on capitalism, and most others, are socialist! However, what we presently have, adds – to, the ever – expanding, 2 America’s, with the haves, and have – nots, based on an individual’s ability to pay, and afford treatment! Some individuals, either, don’t receive, all the possible options, alternatives, and/ or, treatments, because they can’t pay for it! Should access to, and availability, of the finest, possible care, be based on the ability to pay?

2. Medicare – for – all: Some propose, what is referred to, as, Medicare – for – all, where healthcare, is, centralized, into a public, instead of private one! Although, it resolves, the concept of, unequal treatment, it might not, create the best system! Would the reduced fees, probably, paid, to physicians, and other health workers, deter some, from entering, and/ or, remaining in that field? Although, supporters state, everyone likes their Medicare, is, that, in – fact, true? They, also, claim, it is the most affordable approach, but, when, one calculates, what he pays – into the system, during his entire work – life, in payroll – deductions, and, then, the monthly charges, for Part B, and prescription drugs, and an Advantage Plan, limits one’s choices, for physicians, etc, and, the ever – rising costs, and recent, financial challenges, Medicare, faces, is it really, free?

3. More options: How can we, possibly, balance, the cost – factors, in relationship, to quality care? How will we balance, paying healthcare workers, what they deserve, and, the finest system?

4. Address prescription prices: The cost of many prescription drugs, rises, and, for many of these, Americans pay, much more, than, nearly, anywhere, else, for the identical drugs! We must take politics, and the political influence of the pharmaceutical industry, out – of – the – equation, and make a real attempt, to improve this obstacle, in a realistic, workable manner!

5. Difference between access to, and availability of affordable care/ treatment: Beware, when some claim, we already, provide, access to treatments, etc, there is a real difference, between, mere – access, and, actual, availability of the best treatments, for – all!

Improving healthcare, for – all, is a challenging issue, which requires, thinking – outside – the – box, and a willingness, to proceed, with objective – pragmatism, to achieve a meeting – of – the – minds, for the greater – good! If we don’t, we are saying, health, is not an American right, and, wouldn’t that be a horrible, statement, at the current – state of affairs, in this nation?