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5 Reasons It Should Be One’s Responsibility To Get Vaccinated!

After, millions, in this country, were infected, with the virus, and hundreds of thousands, lost their lives, wouldn’t it make sense, that any sane person, would be encouraged by the possibility of creating a real – path – back, from this horrific pandemic, and welcome a substantially – tested, and successful vaccine? Unfortunately, like, so many other aspects of today’s world, even, an issue, as significant as common sense, public health, has become, another, political – football! There are many reasons, the vast number of people, should get vaccinated, since, there are very few, with any, actual, medical, and/ or, religious reasons, to resist, doing so! With, that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 5 reasons, we should consider, getting vaccinated, as our personal responsibility/ duty!

1. To protect yourself: Since, the vast majority of those, needing hospitalization, and/ or, dying, from this virus, are the unvaccinated! When, certain politicians, and media personalities, even though, they, themselves, got vaccinated, make it a political issue, they are, undoubtedly, harming the chances, for a speedier recovery! How many more, must die, before people, begin to welcome the chance, to protect themselves?

2. Protect loved ones: Like most pandemics, the individuals, hardest – hit, are, usually, the elderly, and/ or, immune – suppressed! When a somewhat – healthy person, won’t get vaccinated, he risks these people, to a great degree! I would not want to be the person, whose stubbornness, and refusal, to use, common sense, about this, endangered the well – being, and life, of a loved – one!

3. Public health/ greater good: No one should be pleased, with the ramifications, to – date, from the pandemic/ virus, but, when some, refuse to cooperate, especially, when there is no true reason, it harms the overall, public health, and greater good! How many more must die, and/ or, suffer, more than necessary, before, these people begin to do, the right, and necessary thing! We overcame smallpox, measles, polio, etc, by mass vaccinations, so, wouldn’t it, be best, if we would come together, for the greater – good, regarding something, which should not be, political?

4. Reverse the damage, economically, etc: We won’t fully, recover, from this horrific pandemic, unless/ until, we can restore, some sense, of normal, to our economy! Wouldn’t most benefit, if this occurred, sooner, rather than later?

5. Public health should not be a political issue!: Those, shameless politicians, who, seek to benefit, in terms of their personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self – interest, rather than, serving and representing the greater good, and encouraging, common sense, cooperation, regarding this, should not be considered, worthy, of holding their positions! Public health actions and priorities, should not, and must not, be permitted, to be treated, as a political issue!

Wake up, America, and realize, the only logical approach, to this pandemic, is to get vaccinated, and lead, by example encouraging others, to do so (unless there is a legitimate, personal health condition, to not)! Will you, lead – by – example?