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Think Different, Feel A Difference.

Different Branches

I am amazed at the diversity of branches that have sprouted from the Vine of Truth; from the simplicity of Truth to the maze of differing dogmas the Church has fragmentized into individual units. The singular Church is now identified in the plural and with that a diversity of teachings that displays different kinds of fruit. People are free to choose what “branch” offers the best fruit for their taste.

The consumer-based fruit produces a faith-based on emotions and feelings. To help them sustain their faith they rely on horizontal assistance. For example, “altar” invitations are needed to charge their spiritual batteries. When the husbandman (pastor) offers an invitation to pray for those who need “a touch “from the Lord, the prayer line is filled with petitioners. I am not minimizing the “invitation,” but wonder how someone can so easily get out of touch with the Lord that they need a weekly “reconnection.”

There are many branches that produce fruit that looks good and is pleasant to the taste, but it soon loses its effectiveness. This artificial fruit gives only temporary satisfaction and will lead to spiritual inconsistency. It is not a question of feelings; rather, it is a belief and trust in Him no matter the circumstances. When a church attempts to produce fruit outside of Jesus, it will face the danger of becoming a lukewarm body of Believers.

Branches that are grounded in the Word will produce an abundance of fruit that will glorify God. Branches draw their strength from the Vine, which is Jesus. Pastors (husbandmen) need to purge their branches so they produce even more fruit that honors the Lord. To purge (prune) means to cleanse, to expiate anything around the fruit which resists its full development.

If there is ever a time that we need real fruit-bearing branches, it is now. The harvest is coming and the fruit from the branches will be displayed and judged by the Lord.

Sadly much of the fruit that the branches are displaying have been artificially grown. Instead of “organic” fruit much of fruits have been altered to exhibit an interpretation of the Word, rather them the intended purpose of the Scriptures. As a result of these “teachings” many have left their churches in search of truth.

Note: The true husbandman is God who can use pastors to help with the pruning. (Reference John 15:1-8 & I Peter 4:17)