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The New Stores the Old

A friend sent me a Whatsapp about the old days. I laughed out loud at the list of things that were actually revolutionary inventions in those days:

      • A generator that generated power from your bicycle wheel.
      • Chopper bicycles.
      • Walking around listening to music for the first time with a Walkman.
      • I was one of the first residents in the student house who had a computer and it had floppy disks!
      • A telephone that you had to turn with your finger.
      • Our freezer had one of those aluminium ice cube trays with a handle to turn out the ice cubes.
      • My dad typed all his sermons on a typewriter.
      • As a child I had a camera that still used a roll of film to take photos.
      • Black and white TV sets inside a wooden cabinet. Fortunately, we had a colour TV.
      • Obviously, the grey Pioneer Hi-Fi system in a glass case.
      • And the young brick of a Nokia cell phone with an antenna, hitched to your belt.


When these things became available everybody wanted them. They made life so much easier and more enjoyable. But today they no longer have any value. They were replaced by new and better models that work even better and make life even easier.

There comes a time when the time has passed. That time is usually announced by the new and better one appearing on the horizon.

God entered into a new contract with people. That meant the old contract no longer existed. The old one’s time had passed. God had entered into that contract with Moses and people had to live strictly according to the rules. Their lives were restricted and their freedom was on a short leash.

Part of the contract was that priests had to kill animals and sacrifice them to God on behalf of the people. The animals bore the people’s punishment for their sins. But that was not a perfect plan. It was just a temporary plan. That’s why the people had to drive the animals to the priests to be sacrificed and take their punishment for all the wrong things they had done again and again.

When we look back at that covenant or agreement today, we want to laugh like our children laugh at all the old-fashioned stuff from our earlier years. We can’t actually understand that such an agreement existed. When we look at the old agreement through the new one, we can hardly believe it was also revolutionary in those days.

13By coming up with a new plan, a new covenant between God and his people, God put the old plan on the shelf. And there it stays, gathering dust.

However, the new one is so much newer and better. God comes with love and draws up a new contract. He makes His hands dirty and gets to work, giving people a new future. Jesus had to die on the cross. That was the final sacrifice that was more than enough.

Indeed, a wonderful new contract that opens the doors to heaven for people. This new contract replaces the old one. Let’s go and live this new contract out there today and show people what true freedom in Jesus looks like.


Hebrews 8:6-13


Are you living from the old or the new contract?

Can others see it?

How can you live differently?


Father, thank you for taking the initiative to draw up a new contract between Yourself and us people. Thank you for Jesus taking everything on Him. Thank you that I know that I can now go to heaven. Not because I had done anything, but because Jesus had done everything for me. Thank You! In Jesus’ Name, amen.